City Governments



500 South Main Street

Ripley, Mississippi   38663

Phone:   662-837-7154

Fax:   662-837-2212




Mayor:   Chris Marsalis

Phone:   662-837-0130


Aldermen:  Joey Bryant, Homer Richardson, Jackie McKenzie, Stephen Freeman, and Jon Grisham



 mayor and board

  L-R:  Joey Bryant , Homer Richardson, Jon Grisham, Mayor Chris Marsalis, Jackie McKenzie, and Stephen Freeman





Utility Department:  662-837-7154

Purchasing Clerk: 662-837-2216

City Clerk: 662-837-8578

Municipal Court Clerk: 662-837-3659

Gas Shop: 662-837-7747

Water & Sewer Shop: 662-837-4541

Street Department: 662-837-3965

Parks & Recreation: 662-837-3818

Park Sports Info Line: 662-837-3857

Library: 662-837-7773

Police:  662-837-2215; Dispatcher:  662-837-7296; Chief: 662-837-2210

Fire Station: 662-837-3666

Tourism / Ripley Main Street: 662-512-0226

Building Inspector / Building Permits: Bruce Wallis 662-837-9797

City Attorney - W. Price Elliott: 662-837-8175

Historic Preservation Commission:

Zoning Commission: 662-512-2588





Town of Walnut


 The Board and Mayor

L-R:  Michael (Skip) Wyse,  Kevin Winter, Mayor Vicki Skinner, Greg James, David Nabors, and Scott Pulliam



621 Main Street

P. O. Box 540

Walnut, Mississippi   38683

Phone:   662-223-4405

Phone:   662-223-4541

Fax:   662-223-4374




Mayor:   Vicki Skinner


Aldermen:  Greg James, Kevin Winter, David Nabors, Scott Pulliam, and Michael (Skip) Wyse


Walnut Library:   662-223-6768

Swimming Pool:   662-223-6555

Police Department:   662-223-0110

Walnut Municipal Park:   662-223-6446






Town of Falkner


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P. O. Box 117

Falkner, Mississippi   38629

Phone:   662-837-4940



Mayor:   Doyle Griffin


Aldermen:   Gary Bullock, L. D. Hudson, Tommy Labarreare, Kenny Shelton, and Susan Rutherford





Town of Blue Mountain


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P. O. Box 116

Blue Mountain, MS   38610

Phone:   662-685-4721

Fax:  662-685-4031


Mayor:   Doug Norton


Aldermen:    David Akins, Jerrold Akins, Elizabeth Kidd Brown, Gene Lansdell, and Jeff Pipkin






Town of Dumas


Dumas Sign


3391 Hwy. 370

Dumas, MS   38625

Phone:  662-837-6118


Mayor:  Bradley S. Lawson


Aldermen:   Patsy Davis, Bobby Jones, Richard Lawson, Frances Mask, and Johnny Hill